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More People Watch the Oscars Than Go to Most Movies


Looking at the box office success of this year’s Academy Award winners, ABC is lucky to have as high viewership for the telecast as they do.

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Composer Justin Hurwitz Tells Us About ‘First Man’ and His Theremin Skills


How the Oscar-winning composer found humanity in a very otherworldly instrument.

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30 Things We Learned from Damien Chazelle’s ‘First Man’ Commentary


Heads up haters — they don’t even mention the American flag once.

First Man Practical Effects

Practical Effects Have a Solid Chance at the Oscars This Year


Miniatures, puppetry, and in-camera effects could see revived recognition at the Academy Awards.

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One of These 15 Original Scores Will Win the Oscar


This year’s shortlist for the Best Original Score category includes ‘Black Panther,’ ‘First Man,’ ‘Annihilation,’ and ‘If Beale Street Could Talk.’

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Four Movies Shut Out of the SAG Awards That Deserve More Attention


These overlooked films feature some of the most authentic and enrapturing performances of 2018.

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Tom Cross Took a Giant Leap for Editors With ‘First Man’


Considering how ‘First Man’ oscillates between filmmaking styles, editing creates the intense atmosphere necessary for a highly satisfying take on the Moon landing.

For All Mankind Earth Rise

The Deep Impact of ‘For All Mankind’ on ‘First Man’


Al Reinert’s seminal space documentary leaves its mark on First Man’s surface.

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Claire Foy is the Very Definition of a Best Supporting Actress in ‘First Man’


The movie could be recut and called ‘Secondary Woman’ and still work because the role and performance are that exceptional.