Filmographies is a recurring column for completists written by senior contributor Sheryl Oh. Every edition brings a working actor’s resumé into focus as we learn about what makes them so compelling.

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Cynthia Erivo Takes Center Stage

Her early years in Hollywood are filled with high notes, and we're ready for more. Read More

Anya Taylor-Joy and Delicious, Divine Ingenuity

A look back at her enduring showcase of eloquent artistry only affirms her dazzling future on the big and small… Read More

The Delirious Imaginarium of Daniel Radcliffe

The daring performer's robust dramatic finesse accompanies an enthusiasm for eccentricity. Somewhere in between, magic happens. Read More

Celebrating the Powerful Versatility of Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Boasting a holistically rewarding line-up of projects for virtually every demographic, this actress succeeds in constant reinvention. Read More

Beyond Henry Golding’s Romantic Versatility

His pulsating charisma coupled with a sustained retention of mega mainstream currency is a match made in movie heaven. Read More

Wyatt Russell Carves Out His Own Legacy

He affirms that exuberant, good-natured entertainment need not come at the price of depth and acumen. Read More

The Fierce, Fearless Love of Carrie Coon

We tip our hat to the queen of prestige TV. But beyond 'The Leftovers,' 'Fargo,' and 'The Sinner,' gripping big-screen… Read More

Sasha Lane Takes the Wheel of Her Budding Career

The 'American Honey' star stays on the road to success, making moves to thrive in indie and mainstream spaces alike. Read More

The Cinematic Essentials of Cillian Murphy

The esteemed chameleonic performer behind our favorite villains and unlikely heroes touts a fascinating and diverse slate worth celebrating. Read More