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Lynne Ramsay You Were Never Really Here

The Visual Poetry of Lynne Ramsay


The ‘You Were Never Really Here’ and ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ director composes her movies like near-perfect poems.

Wes Ball Maze Runner Trilogy

Wes Ball Talks the ‘Maze Runner’ Trilogy and the Importance of an Ever-Expanding Universe


“It’s not like the climax of our movie is in a bigger maze with a bigger Griever.”

Dr No James Bond Introductions

Bond, James Bond: 7 Ways to Introduce Everyone’s Favorite Spy


James Bond has been introduced and reintroduced to audiences a lot over the years. That’s part of why the franchise is still going strong.

Madonna Vogue David Fincher

10 Great Music Videos Directed By Your Favorite Filmmakers


When film directors venture into music videos, great things can happen.

Isle Of Dogs Wes Anderson

‘Isle of Dogs’ Cast and Creators on Bringing the World of Canines to Life


Wes Anderson and his collaborators provide insight into the way they brought ‘Isle of Dogs’ to life.

Steven Soderbergh

Stop Calling Steven Soderbergh An Innovator and Learn to Love His Work


An argument for spending less time concerned with Steven Soderbergh’s innovation and more time appreciating the fact that he’s a damn good filmmaker.

Stc Bts Ian Nelms Eshom Nelms Scott Forster Hawkes Credit Ngoc Nguyen

The Nelms Brothers Dish on Making A Contemporary Western with Octavia Spencer


We chat with Eshom and Ian Nelms about what it takes to make an excellent, small movie about some messed up people just trying to do the right thing.

No Featured Image

How David Fincher Seamlessly Merges Motion with Emotion


The director’s camerawork is so precise that it can commandeer your perception.

Afatecs Still For Program

Director David Franklin on the Challenges and Triumphs of Micro-Budget Filmmaking


Franklin discusses the five-year process of making his feature film directorial debut, As Far As The Eye Can See, out March 20 on VOD.