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What’s Next for Shane Black


With ‘The Predator’ done and dusted and other projects in the pipeline, he has some interesting options to pursue.

P D Nef

A Conversation with ‘Papillon’ Cinematographer Hagen Bogdanski


Bogdanski blazes a new ‘Papillon’ trail and gives some insight on the work of a cinematographer.

The Meg Shotbyshot

We Talk to ‘The Meg’ Director Jon Turteltaub About Making His Big Shark Movie


From being a Film School Reject to adapting Steve Alten’s long in development book, we talk filmmaking and giant sharks with Jon Turtletaub.

Update The Lists Spike Jonze

The 10 Best Spike Jonze Music Videos


With many of his credits to music videos, we take a look at the unique worlds Spike Jonze builds around the music of these artists.

Gus Van Sant On Set Milk

6 Filmmaking Tips From Gus Van Sant


Advice from the eclectic auteur behind such films as ‘Good Will Hunting,’ ‘Elephant,’ and ‘Milk.’

Another Wolfcop

Lowell Dean on the All Killer, No Filler of ‘Another WolfCop’


All WolfCops are valid.

Michael Curtiz And Marian Marsh Photoplay, March

6 Filmmaking Tips From Michael Curtiz


The legendary Hollywood star-maker behind ‘Casablanca’ shares advice on luck, love scenes, and looking to the future.


Five Questions with ‘American Animals’ Writer-Director Bart Layton


The filmmaker behind ‘American Animals’ and ‘The Imposter’ talks motivation, suffering artists, and the advantages of telling true stories.

Under the Skin

The Alien Gaze of ‘Under the Skin’


How does Jonathan Glazer’s camera effectively “other” the human world?