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Blade Runner Eye and camera aperture

The Beginner’s Guide to Camera Aperture


Here’s a look at how filmmakers weaponize camera apertures and what makes them such an essential storytelling tool.

North By Northwest Editing

Lessons in Editing: When Not to Cut


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…wait for it….cut!

Psycho Rear Projection Shot

How Does Rear Projection Work?


Roll plate!

The Graduate Rack Focus

The Delicate Art of the Focus Pull


Focus up, with this video essay on the storytelling potential of the rack focus shot.

Do The Right Thing Dance

A Brief History of Dance in Film


Here’s a montage celebrating 125 years of one of the greatest artistic team-ups of all time: dance and film.

Split Field Diopter Cover

The Beginner’s Guide to the Split Diopter Lens


A video essay for everyone curious about the split diopter but too afraid to ask.

Extraction, Jb Nef

When is a Long Take Just a Gimmick?


We know that a Long Take is always a treat, but if it doesn’t serve the story, it can feel like a gimmick. A new video essay explores why.

Johnmilius Shutterstock

6 Filmmaking Tips from John Milius


The Don of the USC Film School Mafia helped make some of your favorite movies better, so check out some of his advice.


The Many Deaths of 3D: A History of Cinema’s Problem Child


3D is dead long live 3D.