Filmmaking Tips

Michelle Maclaren Deuce X

6 Filmmaking Tips From Michelle MacLaren


One of the best in the business shares her advice on working in television and being successful in the industry.

Tully R

6 Filmmaking Tips from Jason Reitman


The director of ‘Tully’ and ‘Juno’ shares advice on breaking into the industry.


Filmmaking Tips from the Marvel Directors


We look at what it takes to become a member of the MCU directors club.

Jay Chandrasekhar

6 Filmmaking Tips From Jay Chandrasekhar


The actor/director behind ‘Super Troopers’ gives his advice to those wanting to break into the industry.

Mcdramp Ec

6 Filmmaking Tips from Brad Peyton


The director of ‘San Andreas’ and ‘Rampage’ shares his advice on making it as a director.

John Krasinski filmmaking

6 Filmmaking Tips From John Krasinski


The director of ‘A Quiet Place’ imparts his advice for making it as a filmmaker.

Lynn Shelton Humpday

6 Filmmaking Tips from Lynn Shelton


The director of ‘Humpday’ and ‘Outside In’ shares her advice on making a career for yourself in the industry.

Luc Besson Making Lucy

6 Filmmaking Tips From Luc Besson


The director of ‘Léon: The Professional’ and ‘The Fifth Element’ shares insight on making movies and keeping the dream alive.

Jose Padilha Directing

6 Filmmaking Tips from José Padilha


The director of ‘Elite Squad’ and “7 Days in Entebbe” has some ideas to share about cinema and democracy.