film history

Early Cinema Edison Sneeze

Let There Be Lumières: The Early Days of Cinema, Explained


Turns out that making bank on technological spectacle is at the backbone of movie making. Cool.

Hollywood Home Movies Oklahoma Tcm

Film History Comes to Life in ‘Hollywood Home Movies: Stars at Work and Play’


From all-star tennis to Alfred Hitchcock eating a banana, these Academy Film Archive home movies show a different side of Hollywood throughout history.

Suspense Lois Weber

The Great (and Silent) History of Hollywood’s First Female Director


Lois Weber was one of the most powerful filmmakers in Silent-era Hollywood and we should talk about it more.

Hays Code

The Past and Present of Censorship in America


Looking at the Hays Code and beyond, we learn from the past to understand the debate about censorship today.

Once Upon A Time Leo Point

The Evolution of Watching Movies at Home


From old Hollywood releases on television to the new Spike Lee Joint on Netflix, we look at how watching movies at home has evolved since the 1950s.

Gracie Films

Movies to Watch With The New Season of ‘You Must Remember This’


Polly Platt is the subject of the newest season of Karina Longworth’s podcast. If you don’t know her films yet, we’ve got you covered.

Screenshot At Pm

The Real LGBT Stars of Old Hollywood


Read about the LGBT members of Hollywood that shaped the industry, even if their personal lives weren’t always out in the open.

Remakes History

Retracing Hollywood’s Fascination with the Remake


Just like the stories they rehash, remakes can be traced to the beginning of Hollywood itself.

20th Century Studios

The 20th Century Studios Logo Represents History Repeating Itself


The 20th Century Fox emblem was also the result of a studio rebranding itself.