Fantastic Fest

Film Festival.

The Boat

‘The Boat’ Review: A Must-See Fight for Survival Against Extraordinary Odds


‘Duel’ meets ‘All Is Lost’ as terror and tension carve a path across the open sea.

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‘You Might Be the Killer’ Review: Sam and Chuck vs a Far Too Casual Evil


There’s a body count, but Fran Kranz and Alyson Hannigan save the day.

The Wind

‘The Wind’ Review: In the American West, No One Can Hear You Scream


Emma Tammi’s feature film debut showcases the potential of the horror-western as a new mode of independent filmmaking.

Halloween Shot

‘Halloween’ Review: Yup, It’s a ‘Halloween’ Sequel


Not the best Halloween II, but not the worst either.

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‘Between Worlds’ Review: Come for the Cage, Stay for the Cage (Fantastic Fest 2018)


Nic Cage is back to making poor career decisions for our entertainment.

The Nightshifter

‘The Nightshifter’ Review: Revenge Has Consequences Beyond the Grave


Talking to the dead is one thing, but pissing them off is a whole other level of bad news.


‘Cam’ Review: Identity As a Fragile Series of Zeros and Ones


Think ‘The Net’ but with Sandra Bullock riding a motorized sex saddle.

One Cut Of The Dead

‘One Cut of the Dead’ Review: The Best Zom-Com in Years


The only thing more fun than the 37-minute single-take opening is what comes next.

Lords Of Chaos Still

‘Lords of Chaos’ Review: This Headbanger’s Fall Is Gruesome, Tragic, and Funny


A terrifically sympathetic Rory Culkin and the most brutal knife action outside of South Korean cinema add to the experience.