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The Nightshifter

‘The Nightshifter’ Review: Revenge Has Consequences Beyond the Grave


Talking to the dead is one thing, but pissing them off is a whole other level of bad news.


‘Cam’ Review: Identity As a Fragile Series of Zeros and Ones


Think ‘The Net’ but with Sandra Bullock riding a motorized sex saddle.

One Cut Of The Dead

‘One Cut of the Dead’ Review: The Best Zom-Com in Years


The only thing more fun than the 37-minute single-take opening is what comes next.

Lords Of Chaos Still

‘Lords of Chaos’ Review: This Headbanger’s Fall Is Gruesome, Tragic, and Funny


A terrifically sympathetic Rory Culkin and the most brutal knife action outside of South Korean cinema add to the experience.

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The Night We Came Back to Fantastic Fest


A veteran attendee’s notes on the first day of the rest of Fantastic Fest’s life, plus evidence that ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ really exists.

The Perfection

‘The Perfection’ Review: A Masterful Work of Tension and Brutality (Fantastic Fest 2018)


Allison Williams and Logan Browning lead what is easily one of the year’s best thrillers.


Fantastic Fest: The Necessity of The ‘Halloween’ Reboot


On the red carpet, we chat with the cast and crew of ‘Halloween.’

Fantastic Fest Banner

Fantastic Fest 2018: Our 25 Most Anticipated Movies


This year’s Fantastic Fest lineup might be the best yet. Picking only 25 most anticipated movies wasn’t easy.


Fantastic Fest 2018 Announces ‘Halloween’ for Opening Night Plus 56 More Titles


The first 58 titles playing this year’s fest tease a mix of horror, action, and Fantastic Fest’s patented nuttiness.