Fantastic Fest

Film Festival.

An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn

Jim Hosking and David Wike Discuss Diving into Melodrama for ‘An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn’


We continue our conversation with the director and writer of the year’s oddest, most adorable romantic comedy.

Mids Cast

Jonah Hill and the cast of ‘Mid90s’ on Embracing Authenticity and Avoiding Nostalgia-Porn


We chat and eat tacos with the director and cast, and discuss why the 4:3 ratio was essential to capturing raw performance.

Life After Flash Fantastic Fest

Lisa Downs on Transforming Her Fandom into the Celebratory ‘Life After Flash’


We chat with the director about assembling a gargantuan amount of footage into one cohesive documentary.

The Guilty

‘The Guilty’ Review: Sometimes One Location Is All You Really Need


Danish filmmaker Gustav Möller makes his feature debut with a smart and stylish thriller set entirely in a police dispatcher’s office.

After The Screaming Stops

Joe Pearlman and David Soutar Discuss Their Award-Winning Documentary About Bros


Who the hell are Bros?


Fantastic Fest: The Filmmakers of ‘Destroyer’ Discuss Dramatic Elevation Through Genre Storytelling


We chat with the unique creative partnership of Karyn Kusama, Phil Hay, and Matt Manfredi about their new cop film starring Nicole Kidman.

Piercing Nicolas Pesce

Nicolas Pesce on Feeding Giallo to Modern Audiences with ‘Piercing’


We chat with the director about his passion for horror cinema, and why it’s impossible for him to separate that obsession from his own work.

Hold The Dark - Jeremy Saulnier, Macon Blair

Jeremy Saulnier and Macon Blair Discuss Netflix, Fantastic Fest, and ‘Hold the Dark’


The creative team behind ‘Hold the Dark’ discuss the challenges of adapting an ambitious and challenging book for the big (and small) screen.

No Featured Image

‘Bad Times at the El Royale’ Review: We Happily Forfeit Our Savings to this Rigged Game of Chance (Fantastic Fest)


Drew Goddard invites us over to play with another one of his meticulously populated dollhouses.