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Fantasia Film Festival 2020 Goes Virtual

21 new titles announced including new films from the directors of The Descent and One Cut of the Dead! Read More

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‘Extra Ordinary’ Review: Supernatural Thrills and Very Real Laughs (Fantasia 2019)

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‘No Mercy’ Review: Old School Exploitation in High Heels (Fantasia Fest)

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‘Darlin’ Review: Some Apples Fall Far from the Tree (Fantasia 2019)

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‘Door Lock’ Review: A Remake Done Right (Fantasia 2019)

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‘DreadOut’ Review: A Rare Video Game Movie That Works (Fantasia 2019)

It's more 'Silent Hill' than 'Resident Evil.' Read More

‘Little Monsters’ Review: A Zom-Com With Hearts Both Beating and Otherwise (Fantasia 2019)

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