Fantasia Festival 2019

‘Harpoon’ Review: If the Boat’s a Rockin’, It’s Already Too Late (Fantasia 2019)

Turns out it's bad luck heading to sea with people who hate your goddamn guts. Read More

‘Extra Ordinary’ Review: Supernatural Thrills and Very Real Laughs (Fantasia 2019)

Will Forte stretches his devilish side in this delightfully gooey Irish romp. Read More

‘No Mercy’ Review: Old School Exploitation in High Heels (Fantasia Fest)

A generic story with some solid action and lots of sleaze. Read More

‘Darlin’ Review: Some Apples Fall Far from the Tree (Fantasia 2019)

Who knew the sequel to 'The Woman' would be so funny? Read More

‘Door Lock’ Review: A Remake Done Right (Fantasia 2019)

A slick remake of the brilliantly twisted 'Sleep Tight' that keeps the same core while building its own tale. Read More

‘DreadOut’ Review: A Rare Video Game Movie That Works (Fantasia 2019)

It's more 'Silent Hill' than 'Resident Evil.' Read More

‘Little Monsters’ Review: A Zom-Com With Hearts Both Beating and Otherwise (Fantasia 2019)

Prepare to fall for both Lupita Nyong'o and Josh Gad... for different reasons, obviously. Read More

‘Mystery of the Night’ Review: A Morality Play Drawn In Sex, Blood, and Rage (Fantasia 2019)

A beautifully crafted, slow-burn fable mashing together powerful forces like magic, love, and revenge into an animalistic display of passion… Read More