The Magnificent Ambersons

Meet the Team on a Quest to Find Orson Welles’ Lost Original Cut of ‘The Magnificent Ambersons’


We talked to the director and producers of ‘The Lost Print,’ an upcoming documentary about finding the original director’s cut of ‘The Magnificent Ambersons.’

Alone Together

‘Alone Together’ is a Heartfelt Look at Fan Community Amidst COVID


This Charli XCX documentary is less about the coronavirus pandemic than it is about community and connection.

Demi Lovato Dancing with the Devil Documentary

‘Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil’ Loses Its Voice


In her new YouTube documentary, Demi Lovato has to compete with others who are also intent on telling her story for her.

Eremita Anthologies Ashley Connor

‘Eremita (Anthologies)’ Harbors Appeal Beyond the Average Pandemic Response Movie


This anthology of shorts offers a precious peek at the directorial visions of five leading cinematographers.

Women Make Film

How TCM’s ‘Women Make Film’ Makes Up for Film Education’s Exclusivity


Mark Cousins’ documentary and TCM’s accompanying programming expands the reach of conventional film education to a wider audience with a more diverse slate of movies.

Brett Harvey Danny Trejo Documentary

Danny Trejo Documentary ‘Inmate #1’ Reveals a Life Caught in a Rewrite


We chat with director Brett Harvey about how he shaped Trejo’s larger-than-life persona into a message of hope.

More Tiger King

Get Ready for a Lot More ‘Tiger King’


Fans of Netflix’s phenomenal hit documentary series can look forward to the possibility of additional episodes, a “sequel,” and more.

Miss Americana

Watch ‘Miss Americana,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend movies to watch after you stream the acclaimed new Taylor Swift documentary.

Billy Mitchell In King Of Kong

Billy Mitchell: Evolution of a Documentary Villain


‘The King of Kong’ depicts him as a bad guy. History has since followed suit. Whether he really deserves the distinction is up to you.