Lion King

When a Shot is So Perfect It Can’t Be Remade


We look at why one particular moment works in the 1994 animated version of ‘The Lion King’ but not in the 2019 reimagining.

Animated Movies

The Most Anticipated Animated Movies of 2020


From the big hitters at Disney to under the radar releases, be sure to add these exciting animated movies to your calendar.

Sera Marvel

Here’s The Best Candidate for The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s First Transgender Character


Meet Sera, who most likely will be the MCU’s first real transgender character.

Box Office

The Box Office Hits and Misses of 2019


We look at the box office successes and failures of 2019 and go deep on the state of original movies, films directed by women, R-rated releases, and non-Disney animation.

Mulan Header

Shot by Shot with the ‘Mulan’ Trailer


Disney’s latest live-action remake looks quite good.

Anna And Elsa

Thanksgiving Box Office: Anna and Elsa Are No Match for Woody and Buzz


‘Frozen II’ seems to have broken Thanksgiving box office records, but a previous Disney animated sequel is still on top.

Pixar Loop

Disney+ Knows What We Want: More Pixar Animated Shorts


Pixar offers its first look at six new animated short films from six new directors. These works cover pit bulls, Autism, oppressed robots, and more.

The Rise Of Skywalker Dagger

We Have a ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Dagger Theory


There is one weapon in the ‘Star Wars’ lore that could be key to the plot of the new movie.

Song Of The South Dvds

The Movie You Don’t Ever Need to See on Disney+


Disney is keeping ‘Song of the South’ in its vault, and that’s for the best.