Cruella Stone

The Movies That Made: ‘Cruella’


These are the movies that either directly inspired or paved the way for the live-action Disney Villain origin story.

Raya And The Last Dragon

‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Soars


It may be mere content, but Disney’s latest is stunningly rendered all the same.

Blue Sky Animation

Remembering the Animation of Blue Sky Studios


As Disney shutters the 20th Century Fox animation division, we look back fondly on what they did best.

Black Panther Wakanda show

Ryan Coogler is Working on a Wakanda Series for Disney+


In addition to the upcoming ‘Black Panther’ sequel, Marvel has big plans for the hidden African nation.

Fantasia Ave Maria Sequence

How Animators Created the Elaborate “Ave Maria” Sequence for ‘Fantasia’


You know what doesn’t help an already challenging multiplane camera set up? An earthquake.

Liu Yifei in Mulan

Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Balances the Epic and the Intimate


Who needs songs when you have action, heart, and character drama?

Niki Caro Mulan

‘Mulan’ Director Niki Caro Talks Authenticity, Research, and Responsible Filmmaking


In our interview with the filmmaker, she discusses updating ‘Mulan’ for contemporary audiences by going back to its legendary roots.

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie

‘Steamboat Willie’ Transformed Mickey Mouse From Failure to Champion


Almost a century ago, Walt Disney embraced the talkies and built an empire outta a mouse named Mickey.

The Shining Carpet

The Scariest Movie of 2020 is the Walt Disney World Re-Opening Trailer


Heeeeeeere’s Mickey!