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Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in Wonder Woman

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Champions Humanity and Excess to Its Detriment


It’s always sad when the highlight of a female-led film is the two male supporting characters.

Batman Vs Superman Movie

The Alternate Universe ‘Batman vs Superman’


Let’s imagine a world where this movie went ahead, and The Dark Knight trilogy did not exist.

Ceaeedeb X

The Other ‘Birds of Prey’


The girls have history.

Birds Of Prey

‘Birds of Prey’ Flies High With Kick-Ass Action and Personality to Spare


DC’s latest delivers laughs, thrills, oodles of charm, and the best action scenes in a comic book movie since Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Hero To Villain

A Brief History of Actors Successfully Going From Hero to Villain


Sometimes joining the dark side brings out the best in us.


‘Joker’ Had the Best Second Weekend of Any DC Movie


We consider a number of reasons why the new villain showcase might just be the most successful movie of its brand.


‘Joker’ Review: A Thrill Without Wit


The first worthwhile Joker since Heath Ledger.

Ending of Shazam

‘Shazam!’ is the First Reconstructive Superhero Film


Are superheroes good or bad for the world? In this case we choose good.


‘Shazam’ Gives DCEU Its Smallest Opening (and That’s Okay)


The former Captain Marvel didn’t have a super-big debut, but like its onscreen hero, it should eventually take flight.