David Gordon Green

Cold Prey 2

The Best ‘Halloween’ Sequel is a Norwegian Slasher Called ‘Cold Prey 2’


Inspired in part by the original sequel to John Carpenter’s classic, ‘Cold Prey 2’ picks up where the first film leaves off and delivers a unique combination of story and scares.

Halloween Curtis And Myers

‘Halloween’ is a Huge Hit


The sequel had the best opening for a slasher movie ever while also breaking another October box office record.


Watch ‘Halloween,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend 12 movies to seek out after you see David Gordon Green’s new horror sequel.

The Shape Halloween

The Ethical Boundaries of Jamie Lee Curtis and Gun Violence in ‘Halloween’


When does the line between fiction and reality become blurred?

Halloween Shot

‘Halloween’ Trailer Breakdown: The Night She Struck Back


“Happy Halloween, Michael.”

Michael Myers Mask

‘Halloween’ Trailer Breakdown: The Return of Michael Myers


Some franchises deserve a do-over.


When It Comes To Classic Horror Films, Is It Better to Remake or Re-Canon?


Two high-profile horror adaptations get their first trailers this week. Will ‘Suspiria’ or ‘Halloween’ be the one to beat in 2018?

Friday Night Lights Movie

David Gordon Green Will Direct a ‘Friday Night Lights’ Reboot


Even without the mantra of clear eyes and full hearts, the ‘Stronger’ director’s take on a sports classic could still be a winner.