Dan Stevens

unconventional love in Im Your Man

TIFF 2021: ‘I’m Your Man’ is Positively Loveable


Are we human or are we Dan Stevens the German-speaking love robot?

The unfortunate cast of Blithe Spirit

‘Blithe Spirit’ Resurrects Noel Coward’s Play But It Never Comes to Life


A great cast has nowhere to go in this lifeless comedy.

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‘Apostle’ Review: This Melodramatic Horror Hybrid Comes With Literal Buckets of Blood (Fantastic Fest 2018)


Gareth Evans’s long-anticipated project is more ‘Safe Haven’ than ‘The Raid: Redemption,’ and that’s A-OK with us.

Legion Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens and Noah Hawley Are Reunited for ‘Pale Blue Dot’


This time, the ‘Legion’ star won’t be the most psychologically afflicted member of the bunch.