Damien Chazelle

Margot Robbie in Babylon

‘Babylon’ Is Chaos Personified — But That Becomes Part Of the Charm in Its Mess


Damien Chazelle wants to dance his dance again, but this time, the Hollywood bacchanalia won’t save him from his cinema sins.

Debate Week Best Picture Losers Whiplash

‘Whiplash’ is an Exhilarating Oscar-Worthy Drum Solo


With his 2014 Best Picture nominee, Damien Chazelle takes a film about music to the next level.

Vertical Cinema Damien Chazelle

The Vertical Cinematography of Damien Chazelle’s ‘The Stunt Double’


Sure, you’d watch a film shot on an iPhone, but what if it were shot vertically?

First Man Lg Header

30 Things We Learned from Damien Chazelle’s ‘First Man’ Commentary


Heads up haters — they don’t even mention the American flag once.

Ryan Gosling First Man

Tom Cross Took a Giant Leap for Editors With ‘First Man’


Considering how ‘First Man’ oscillates between filmmaking styles, editing creates the intense atmosphere necessary for a highly satisfying take on the Moon landing.

For All Mankind Earth Rise

The Deep Impact of ‘For All Mankind’ on ‘First Man’


Al Reinert’s seminal space documentary leaves its mark on First Man’s surface.

Red Helmet

Music of the Stars: The Best Space Movie Soundtracks


Music big enough to fill the void.

Claire Foy In First Man

Claire Foy is the Very Definition of a Best Supporting Actress in ‘First Man’


The movie could be recut and called ‘Secondary Woman’ and still work because the role and performance are that exceptional.

First Man Ryan Gosling

One Step Forward for Cinema: An Interview with ‘First Man’ Editor Tom Cross 


You will not have experienced ‘First Man’ until you see it in IMAX.