Eremita Anthologies Ashley Connor

‘Eremita (Anthologies)’ Harbors Appeal Beyond the Average Pandemic Response Movie


This anthology of shorts offers a precious peek at the directorial visions of five leading cinematographers.

Scarface Lion King Comic Con

Comic-Con at Home Requires More Than Online Panels


The reason we return to Comic-Con year after year is not to catch sneak peeks of movie trailers.

Amc Regal Theaters (rblfmr /

Moviegoing in The COVID Era: Going to the Movies is Now a Political Act


Any movie theater chains permitting mask-free moviegoing are making a clear political statement, even if they think they’re not.

Broken Hearts Club

Sony to Release a Rom-Com in Theaters One Week Before ‘Tenet’ Opens


Meanwhile, many moviegoers vow to stay home due to concerns over seating capacities and the lack of face mask requirements.


A Cautionary Tale About the COVID-19 Booty Call


Laughing at scary things is important, so here’s an animated short film about COVID-19 that ends with a cautionary country ballad.

Coronavirus Movie Delays

All the Movie Releases Changed by the Coronavirus Pandemic


As theatrical releases continue to be postponed in the US due to the coronavirus pandemic, here’s a guide to what’s been delayed.

Parks And Recreation Special

Is There An Audience for Social Distancing Shows After COVID-19?


It’s going to take something really special to make people want to relive these events.


The Forgotten History of Cinema’s First Pandemic


Nobody knows what happens next, but here’s what happened last time.

Rocket Raccoon

The Weird Origin of Rocket Raccoon


James Gunn says Rocket’s origin will be a big part of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’, and if he pulls even a little from the comics, then we can expect a lot of weirdness. Or, business as usual.