Christopher Abbott

Sundance 2021: On The Count Of Three

Confident Debut ‘On the Count of Three’ is a Flawed, Bittersweet Bromance


Comedian Jerrod Carmichael’s existential feature debut is carried by his strong direction and its infectious character chemistry.


Imposter and ‘Possessor’: A Conversation with Brandon Cronenberg


Meet Brandon Cronenberg, the writer and director of the jarring, carnal meta-nightmare that gripped Sundance 2020

Piercing Nicolas Pesce

Nicolas Pesce on Feeding Giallo to Modern Audiences with ‘Piercing’


We chat with the director about his passion for horror cinema, and why it’s impossible for him to separate that obsession from his own work.

Sweet Virginia Christopher Abbott

Christopher Abbott on the Empathy of Sociopaths and the Simplicity of Noir Villainy in ‘Sweet Virginia’


We talk to Christopher Abbott about the generosity of Jon Bernthal and the importance of withholding narrative for emotional impact.