Brian De Palma

Carrie New Hollywood

Earnestness and Irony: The Double-Minded Cinema of ‘Carrie’


New Hollywood. I might have known it would be New Hollywood.

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The 10 Most Obsession-Worthy Shots of Brian De Palma’s Career


From the perverse to the paranoid, these are the most unshakeable moments from the films of Brian De Palma.

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We recommend nine movies to watch after you see the latest Netflix series from Jonathan Entwistle.

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The Shot That Made ‘Mission: Impossible’


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‘Domino’ Review: Terrorism and the Media Collide In Brian De Palma’s Latest


Come for the ‘Game of Thrones’ cast reunion, stay for the — well that’s it really.

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Through the Looking Glass in ‘Phantom of the Paradise’


This genre-bending film skillfully engages with mirrors to create a visually stunning metaphor.


The Actor’s Body Prepares: Sissy Spacek and ‘Carrie’


A new video essay gets to the heart of what makes Carrie such an enduring, terrifying classic.

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‘Sisters’: De Palma’s First Infectious Moral Atrocity Gets A New Coat of Paint


What’s a fella to do?

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We Should Be Concerned About The First Wave of Harvey Weinstein Inspired Movies


Brian De Palma and David Mamet plan to write about a Hollywood takedown, but are they missing the bigger story?