Box Office

We deliver a weekly Box Office Report that’s a little different. Rather than focusing on the money, FSR senior editor Christopher Campbell is more interested in the estimated attendance — or number of tickets sold. Because the value of money changes over the years, but the value of actual moviegoers remains the same.

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Ford V Ferrari Winner

Dad Movies Dominate the Box Office


‘Ford v Ferrari’ and ‘Midway’ were the top movies over the weekend.

Doctor Sleep And The Shining

‘The Shining,’ ‘Doctor Sleep’ and the Late Sequel Gamble


Hollywood is shocked that a sequel to a 1980 classic failed at the box office. But its underperformance was hardly surprising.

Linda Hamilton In Terminator Dark Fate

James Cameron’s Terrible Track Record as a Producer


Every movie the filmmaker oversees as a producer but not director has disappointed at the box office.

Maleficent Sequel

‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ Box Office: Fans are Sleeping on Disney Live-Action Sequels


The studio might want to rethink their planned follow-ups to ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Aladdin.’


The Abominable Financial State of Non-Disney Animated Features


DreamWorks Animation just had its worst opening in decades while Disney continues to increase its share of the theatrical animation market.

Downton Abbey Movie

‘Downton Abbey’ Box Office: Bigger Than Brad Pitt and John Rambo


Focus Features had its best opening of all time by betting on fans of the British TV series.


‘Hustlers’ Box Office: An Honest to Goodness Hit


No scamming or scheming was needed for Lorene Scafaria’s new movie to make money.

It Chapter Two Bill Hader

‘IT: Chapter Two’ Box Office: The Mystery of the Missing 3 Million Moviegoers


The horror sequel still opened huge and came in first place, but it technically underperformed given the level of apparent anticipation.

Ready Or Not Hide And Seek

Fox on the Run: ‘Ready or Not’ Gives Disney Its Second Success Post-Acquisition


The gory black comedy is one of Fox Searchlight’s best openers and a sea change after a number of Fox flops.