Box Office

We deliver a weekly Box Office Report that’s a little different. Rather than focusing on the money, FSR senior editor Christopher Campbell is more interested in the estimated attendance — or number of tickets sold. Because the value of money changes over the years, but the value of actual moviegoers remains the same.

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Trolls World Tour Poppy And Branch

AMC Theatres Trolls Universal Over ‘Trolls’ Release


The cinema chain announced a worldwide boycott of Universal movies, but nobody, not even the theater industry, really wants that.

Never Rarely Sadness

How Hard Was the Box Office Hit by Coronavirus Restrictions?


Movie attendance was understandably low in the first weekend of limited theatrical options, whether caused by pandemic concerns or unappealing new releases.

Onward Box Office

Pixar Hits a New Low With ‘Onward’ Box Office Debut


The original animated feature gave the studio its worst opening ever, selling fewer tickets than even ‘The Good Dinosaur.’

My Hero Academia Heroes Rising

‘My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising’ Breaks Anime Box Office Record


‘The Invisible Man’ topped the box office, but the movie in fourth place is a more interesting success.

The Call Of The Wild

‘The Call of the Wild’ Rejuvenates Box Office for Dog Movies


Not only did the Jack London adaptation perform better than expected, it also had the best debut for a dog movie in over a decade.


‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Box Office is Up, Over, and Gone


Good thing Paramount decided to appease the fans with a character design redo.

Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey

DC Movies Had the Best Weekend Anyway


‘Birds of Prey’ underperformed in its opening weekend, but ‘Joker’ still made it a triumphant time for DC fans.

‘1917’ Could Be the Highest-Grossing Best Picture Winner in Over a Decade


If the World War I movie has another strong week, it could pass ‘Argo’ to become the most successful Oscar favorite since ‘The Departed.’

The Year in Moviegoing is Off to a Great Start


Box office is up in 2020 for the first month, but most of that has to do with 2019 releases.