Beyond the Classics

Beyond the Classics is a recurring column in which Emily Kubincanek highlights lesser-known old movies and examines what makes them memorable.

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‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ and How Rewarding Sad Christmas Movies Can Be

The best holiday movies take on the realistic struggles of our lives and turn them into heartwarming stories, including 'I'll… Read More

Once Untimely, ‘The Mortal Storm’ Proves Timeless Years Later

While critics and audiences thought it was untimely in 1940, the themes it explores have proved to be timeless as… Read More

The Suspense of Domesticity in Max Ophüls’ ‘The Reckless Moment’

This lesser-known film noir starring Joan Bennett depicts how overwhelming being a woman and a mother was during the mid-20th… Read More

‘No Way Out’ and the Best of “Social Message” Film Noir

Sidney Poitier's first big role was also the film that finally showed America just how ugly their racist ideals really… Read More

The Original Ghostly Thrills of ‘The Uninvited’

Everyone loves a good ghost story. You have this film to thank for their popularity in cinema today. Read More

The Flop that Ruined Musicals for Cecil B. DeMille

We look at the 1930 film 'Madam Satan' -- where it fails and where it accidentally succeeds. Read More

Romance, Crime, and Queer-coding in ‘Johnny Eager’

The queer storyline and fascinating lives of the lead actors set this film apart from other crime romances before and… Read More

The Contradictory Mexican-American Representation of ‘Bordertown’

The 1935 film relies on stereotypes but inadvertently shows the debilitating barriers that racism puts on Mexican immigrants. Read More

Loss of Identity in ‘My Name is Julia Ross’

Suspense, camp, and social commentary are all on display in this early film noir. Read More