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Booksmart Friends

The Unifying Acceptance of ‘Booksmart’


Unpopular and popular are tired categories for young people and ‘Booksmart’ proves coming-of-age comedy stereotypes are out of style.


The NSFW ‘Booksmart’ Trailer is an Absolute Laugh Riot


Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut looks like another step forward for the raunchy, coming-of-age comedy genre.

Beanie Feldstein Merie Wallace A Courtesy

Beanie Feldstein Will Lead a Coming-of-Age Story of Her Own


‘How To Build A Girl’ is an ‘Almost Famous’-esque tale with a feminist bent, vitally placing a teenage girl’s creative ambition front and center.

Olivia Wilde In Her

Olivia Wilde’s Directorial Debut Could Be the Next ‘Lady Bird’


Women filling the primary roles in ‘Booksmart’ fosters equality in the film industry.