Battlestar Galactica

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Bryan Singer Re-Imagines Battlestar Galactica For The Big Screen


Culture Warrior: Camp with a Straight Face


Cylons and Big Transforming Robots are being elevated from low camp to serious stories. Only in 2007 could those in their twenties and early thirties want to revisit the 1980s.

Editor’s Blog: The Evolution of TV or: How I Learned to Love Battlestar Galactica


I have always been a public advocate of not watching too much television. Many who know me have heard the phrase “Watching television is unproductive” escape my lips on more than one occasion. And its true, I have always fronted as an anti-TV, pro-Cinema goon who hypocritically owns a nice HDTV and subscribes to HD cable. It is a terrible element of my life, thus I must seek some retribution.