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Phantom Thread

How Phantom Thread Won The Internet


If there were an Oscar for content, PT Anderson would be in the gold.

Oscar Predictions Best Picture Director

2018 Oscar Predictions: Best Picture and Best Director


We’re down to our final two Oscar predictions for this year. Will it be Greta, Jordan, Guillermo, PTA, or Mr. Nolan winning Best Director? And will their film win Best Picture? Let’s find out together.

Oscar Predictions Other Best Picture Awards

2018 Oscar Predictions: The Other Best Pictures


We predict the winners for the six categories that honor best pictures of a certain niche type.

Oscar Predictions Acting Awards

2018 Oscar Predictions: The Acting Awards


The four Oscar acting categories are filled with controversy, contention, and well, great performances. We do our best to break it all down and predict some winners.

Oscar Predictions Writing Awards

2018 Oscar Predictions: The Writing Awards


There are a lot of fan favorites in the writing categories at this year’s Oscars, but none of them are going to win, say our predictions.

Get Out Daniel Kaluuya

Not Excited About The Oscars? Watch This Hype Video


Watch this supercut of the nominees in preparation.

Oscar Predictions Sound Awards

2018 Oscar Predictions: The Sound and Song Awards


For the sound awards, we found something that always makes the Oscars fun: a lack of consensus.

Oscar Predictions Technical Awards

2018 Oscar Predictions: The Technical Awards


From cinematography to visual effects, this year’s Academy Awards technical categories may actually be the easiest Oscars to predict.

Spirit Awards Hosts

The Independent Spirit Awards May Just Cure That Oscar Season Hangover


The Independent Spirit Awards are (still) the perfect award season antidote for those worn out by Oscar buzz.