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Legend of Conan Arnold Schwarzenegger

It’s Time to Add ‘The Legend of Conan’ to the List of “Old Man” Sequels


Wolverine and Rambo have had their big farewell moments on the screen, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous Cimmerian deserves one too.

Terminator Dark Fate Carl And Sarah

Watch ‘Terminator: Dark Fate,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend nine movies to watch after you see the latest ‘Terminator’ sequel.

Terminator Dark Fate ending

The Ending of ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Explained


Is there another storm coming in? Or has the final battle been fought here, in our present?

Terminator Dark Fate

‘Terminator – Dark Fate’ Review: Different Terminator, Same Fate


Part sequel, part reboot, it’s a lot of what we’ve seen before with just enough personality and solid action.

True Lies Stare

Revisiting ‘True Lies,’ The First Movie to Break the $100 Million Budget


The promise of neverending ‘Avatar’ sequels begins with this remake of a French comedy.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Shot by Shot with the ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Trailer


Producer James Cameron returns and he’s bringing Linda Hamilton with him.

Terminator Schwarzenegger

What Critics Thought About ‘The Terminator’ in 1984


‘The Terminator’ is considered an all-time action great, but how was it received by critics back when it was initially released?

Schwarzenegger As President Conan

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets to Be President in ‘Kung Fury’ Sequel


The former California governor gets to fictionally become what he can’t in real life.

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The Upcoming ‘Terminator’ Movie Will Fix The Series, Says Arnold Schwarzenegger


Admitting the series needs a fix is step one.