The Maltese Falcon

Danny Huston Talks Growing Up with ‘The Maltese Falcon’


As John Huston’s directorial debut turns 80 years old, his son speaks to its lasting legacy in film history.

The Philadelphia Story

The All-Star Collaboration of ‘The Philadelphia Story’ Still Dazzles 80 Years Later


From star Katharine Hepburn to director George Cukor, everyone involved with this MGM classic brought incredible talent.

Napoleon Dynamite

Forever Young: ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Turns 15


Jared Hess’s strange and lovable film remains just as funny 15 years later.

Tom Summer Ending

‘(500) Days of Summer’ and 10 Years of Reflection


The indie rom-com made waves at Sundance in 2009, but does it hold up?

The Vanishing

The Subversive Horror of ‘The Vanishing’


‘The Vanishing’ makes both victim and villain of its audience.

No Featured Image

Suburban Teen Dream ‘Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist’ Turns 10


Michael Cera being charmingly dorky stands the test of time.

The Secret Garden

Revisiting the Earthy Children’s Classic ‘The Secret Garden’


With a remake out next year, the time is ripe to revisit this gothic kids’ classic.

The Parent Trap

Disney Made the Perfect Rom Com for Kids with ‘The Parent Trap’


The charm of the 1998 remake still dazzles today, but its surprising sophistication is much clearer decades later.

Odd Couple

‘The Odd Couple’ 50th Anniversary: We Still Don’t Fail to See the Humor!


Only a dynamic comedy duo like Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau can find the comedy in even the hopeless of characters.