Rango Close Up

Animating Ugly: The Wonderful Weirdness of ‘Rango’


Here’s a video essay celebrating the bizarre imagination of ‘Rango’.

Eli Short Film

Animating a Manic Episode: The Bold, Beautiful Sundance Short ‘Eli’


What we’re watching: a true story that draws from the realms of high strangeness, magical thinking, and manic delusion.

Donald Mathmagic

Teaching with Disney Classics


Having trouble homeschooling your children or keeping them occupied and educated this summer? The Mouse House can be of assistance.

Darth Vader

Vocal Performances Deserve More Recognition


With the Golden Globes confirming no place for voice acting in their awards, we highlight why that’s the wrong decision.


The Power of Sound: Why a Hayao Miyazaki Film Feels Alive


Here’s a video essay explaining how Miyazaki films use sound to bring animation to life.

In A Nutshell

The History of Humanity Condensed: The Manic Montage of ‘In A Nutshell’


Here’s a short animated film that presents the history of the world…in a nutshell.

How Does Animation Work?

Frames in Motion: A Beginner’s Guide To How Animation Works


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how animation works, in under three minutes.

Binge Header Adventure Time

Binge ‘Adventure Time’ And Lose Yourself in a World of Wonder


The show’s magic is a warm hug that slams you in the heart when you least expect it.

Lion King

When a Shot is So Perfect It Can’t Be Remade


We look at why one particular moment works in the 1994 animated version of ‘The Lion King’ but not in the 2019 reimagining.