Trip Out on ‘Fantasia’


In 1938, Walt Disney made the incredibly foolish decision to try to increase the waning popularity of Mickey Mouse instead of making a commercial viable short cartoon. This is the result.

TV Review: Sit Down, Shut Up – Pilot


In the series premier of Sit Down, Shut Up, the latest addition to Fox’s Sunday night “Animation Domination” line-up, the dimwitted and largely demented faculty of Knob Haven High School, discover a bottle of what they believe to be steroids in a student’s locker.

Foreign Objects: Waltz With Bashir (Israel)


Waltz With Bashir opens on an animated, rain-soaked street to the sounds of growling. What follows is a real-life documentary and quest for answers.

The Clone Wars Aims to Attract Young, Female Fans


The producer and director of Stars Wars: The Clone Wars got access to George Lucas’s personal character files and went wild, creating a whole new universe with some familiar faces.