Andrea RIseborough

Here Before film Andrea Riseborough

‘Here Before’ is a Dread-Fueled Showcase for Andrea Riseborough


Stacey Gregg’s horror film explores grief and abandonment, with a twist.


Imposter and ‘Possessor’: A Conversation with Brandon Cronenberg


Meet Brandon Cronenberg, the writer and director of the jarring, carnal meta-nightmare that gripped Sundance 2020

Grudge Poster

The Ending of ‘The Grudge’ Explained


The only people surprised by the climax of ‘The Grudge’ are those that have never seen a horror movie before.

Andrea Riseborough In Screen Gems' The Grudge

We Visited the Set of ‘The Grudge’ and Did Not Find a Remake in Progress


Nicolas Pesce’s reimagining of the Japanese classic revels in the aftermath of violence and considers the stain it leaves on our souls.

The Grudge X

Shot by Shot with ‘The Grudge’ Trailer


We dig into the beautiful muck of Nicolas Pesce’s latest effort to find a J-horror terror we’re pumped to experience.

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The Wild Fantasies of Panos Cosmatos


Is Nic Cage Galactus or The Silver Surfer? The director reveals all ‘Mandy’ MCU connections.

Andrea Riseborough Black Mirror Crocodile

It’s Time We Appreciated Andrea Riseborough


With ‘Black Mirror’ on Netflix and four films at Sundance, 2018 is supplying us with ample opportunity to give this perpetually underrated actor her due.