Amy Seimetz

She Dies Tomorrow Jay Keitel Spells

Jay Keitel Shaped Amy Seimetz’s Dread into Action in ‘She Dies Tomorrow’


We chat with cinematographer Jay Keitel about the playful variety of cameras used to capture anxiety in ‘She Dies Tomorrow.’

Kate Lyn Sheil She Dies Tomorrow Mortality

How Amy Seimetz Confronts Mortality in ‘She Dies Tomorrow’


From the writer-director of ‘Sun Don’t Shine’ comes a film that lifts the veil on death and everything leading up to it.

She Dies Tomorrow

A Fear of Tomorrow Haunts Today in Amy Seimetz’s ‘She Dies Tomorrow’


Both timeless and of this exact time, Amy Seimetz’s latest blends anxiety and cosmic horror into a haunting and dryly funny cocktail.

Spaceship Earth

An Innovative Release for ‘Spaceship Earth’ and More Neon Titles


Three acclaimed new releases will screen publicly and privately in fresh, clever, and beneficial ways.

Amy Seimetz The Sacrament

Amy Seimetz Is Having A Great Year


It’s time to show an indie queen some love as she soars to new heights.