American Horror Story


American Horror Story’s First Season Will Always Be Its Best


As new seasons continue to get worse, they make us realize just how lucky we were to get the first season of ‘American Horror Story’.

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The Horror “Revolution” Has Missed Its Television Mark


Even as shows like ‘The Terror’ and ‘Castle Rock’ garner strong reviews, horror television is still waiting for its breakout moment.

Fall Tv Guide

The Definitive Fall TV Survival Guide


Full stream ahead!

Jessica Lang As Constance Langdon

‘American Horror Story’ Returns to Its Roots With ‘Apocalypse’


Ryan Murphy has announced the return of Jessica Lange, Gabourey Sibide, and White Witch Stevie Nicks.

American Horror Story Cult

‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Trailer Hints at ‘Freak Show’ Connection


Is Season 7 just part two of Season 4?