Adam McKay

Succession Season 3

What to Expect from ‘Succession’ Season 3


Your favorite evil corporate family is back, and this time they’re not stopping until someone bleeds.

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The ‘Vice’ Musical Number That Didn’t Quite Work


The deleted musical number from ‘Vice’ has finally been released onto the Internet.

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6 Filmmaking Tips from Adam McKay


The filmmaker behind ‘Step Brothers’ and ‘The Big Short’ talks test screenings, changing tones, and making every frame count.

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Christian Bale Whips The Dick Out in First ‘Vice’ Trailer


Adam McKay takes aim at one of the most notorious Vice Presidents in American history.

Shape Of Water

‘The Shape of Water’ Screenwriter Vanessa Taylor is About to Be a Household Name


She is writing ‘Aladdin,’ Ron Howard’s ‘Hillbilly Blues,’ and Adam McKay’s ‘Bad Blood.’ It’s time you know who she is.