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The Dead Dont Die

‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Takes Jim Jarmusch’s Mythical Realism to Another Level


Dry genre comedy yields way to stark meta-commentary.

The Dead Dont Die Trailer

‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Promises to Disassemble the Greatest Zombie Movie Cast Ever


Jim Jarmusch’s undead nightmare has attracted an eclectic mix of names, and they appear to be having a great time.

The Report

‘The Report’ Review: A Sharp Political Thriller That Sticks to the Facts [Sundance]


Imagine a prescient political thriller not just made for liberals—one that wants to be understood and taken seriously by all parties, like a politically sober ‘The Post.’


How ‘BlacKkKlansman’ Flips The Script on The White Savior Trope


How to participate without taking over.

Paterson Adamdriver

What’s Next For Adam Driver, and What We’d Like to See


Following the release of Blackkklansman, we pick the best next roles for Adam Driver.

Coffee And Cigarettes

Jim Jarmusch is Making a Zombie Movie Starring Adam Driver and Bill Murray


Plus Selena Gomez, Daniel Craig, Rosie Perez, and Chloë Sevigny as either the undead or their victims.

Kylo Ren Main Ebb

The Adam Driver Starter Kit


If you need a break from hating Kylo Ren, check out ten of Adam Driver’s best roles.