Brand New Old Love

Arturo Castro on the Persistence of RomComs and Trusting His POV to Connect with the Audience


We chat with the comedian about his new romantic comedy and the pressures of headlining ‘Alternatino.’

Update The Lists Cameos

The 20 Best Non-Actor Cameos Ever


Wait, is that who I think it is?

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2018 Oscar Predictions: The Acting Awards


The four Oscar acting categories are filled with controversy, contention, and well, great performances. We do our best to break it all down and predict some winners.

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Unpacking James McAvoy’s ‘Split’ Personalities


Greta Gerwig

An Exploration of Greta Gerwig as ‘The Most Original Actor of Her Generation’


What’s the best training for a director? Being an actor. Just ask Greta Gerwig.

Killing Of Sacred Deer

The Yorgos Lanthimos School of Acting


Understanding the bizarre, deadpan acting style present in Yorgos’ Lanthimos’ filmography.

Screen Shot At Pm

Burt’s Got the Mad Hits: An Appreciation of Burt Lancaster


The actor ran the show for six decades.

James Dean Rebel Without A Cause

The Psychological Realism of Stanislavski’s Acting Method


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Becoming A Monster: ‘Mindhunter’ and The Real Ed Kemper