Decade Genre Performances

The 25 Best Genre Performances of the Decade


Genre film has always been flush with show-stealing performances. This past decade was no exception. 

Decade Rewind Amy Adams

Amy Adams: A Decade of Awards-Worthy Performances


Sometimes major awards do not reflect an actress’s true talent.

Bruce Davison Screenshot

Exploring The Purpose of the Shot with the Legendary Bruce Davison


We chat with the actor about why he returned for ‘Along Came the Devil 2’ and how another filmmaking titan, William A. Wellman, guides his choices as an artist.

Jake G Spiderman

The Weird and Wonderful Jake Gyllenhaal


From Donnie Darko to Spider-Man, there is no such thing as a boring Jake G performance.

Maggie Gyllenhaal The Kindergarten Teacher

A Note of Appreciation for The Offbeat Charm of Maggie Gyllenhaal


The actress escapes any straightforward categorization.

Sidney Lumet's Network

The Method of Sidney Lumet’s ‘Network’


With ‘Network’ on Broadway with Bryan Cranston, in 2018, we looked at what made Sidney Lumet’s original film a masterclass in acting.

Rewind Breakouts

The Best Breakout Performances of 2018


With these actors on the horizon, the future looks very bright indeed.

Debbie Harry Videodrome

Stars are Born: Five Great Film Performances by Singers


Not everyone can transition seamlessly between music and film, but these five performances prove that it is more than possible.

Leave No Trace

Ben Foster and the Gradual Evolution of a Character Actor


Not many actors can claim movies as different as ‘Warcraft’ and ‘Leave No Trace’ on their resume.