Academy Awards


Oscars Technical

2019 Oscar Predictions: The Technical Awards


These Oscar categories are for the real heroes. But this year, a villain is almost certainly winning one.

Oscars Sound Song

2019 Oscar Predictions: The Sound and Song Awards


These Oscar categories will never sneak up on you. You’d hear them coming.

Oscars Voting

Rethinking The Oscars Voting Process


The outrage surrounding the Academy’s consistently poor decision-making isn’t for nothing. The whole voting process is fueled by thoughtlessness.

Oscars Broadcast Format Fix

How to Drag the Oscars Broadcast Into the 21st Century


It’s time for this broadcast to get with the times.

Oscars Campaign Reform

We Can Fix Oscar Campaigns If We Kill Them with Fire


Or just move the Academy Awards to the front of the season, and spare a lot of bloodshed.

Oscars Fix Speeches

The Rules of Great Oscar Speeches


We offer some guidelines to ensure enjoyable and genuine speeches.

Weisz Blood

The Cinematography of ‘The Favourite’


Oscar-nominated DP Robbie Ryan walks us through some of the film’s perfect shots and tells us about the cinematic image that inspires him the most.

Cold War Zula Wiktor

The Cinematography of ‘Cold War’


Oscar-nominated DP Lukasz Żal discusses his aesthetic influences, stylistic choices, and the intimate nature of working on such a personal film.


The Cinematography of ‘Roma’


Alfonso Cuarón balances intimacy and grandeur in his most personal film to date.