A Star Is Born

Cinematic Universe.

Bradley Cooper In A Star Is Born

The Phenomenal Box Office Success of Bradley Cooper


‘A Star is Born’ is the latest smash hit for the movie star who doesn’t play by normal movie star rules.

A Star is Born

Lady Gaga is Headed for Oscar Glory in One Way or Another


Three songs from ‘A Star is Born’ have been submitted for consideration for the Oscar for Best Original Song, and Lady Gaga could easily be taking home the gold for one of them.

Space Odyssey

Are There Movies That Can’t Be Remade?


Watch a video essay that details the factors that make it impossible to remake certain movies.

Halloween Curtis And Myers

‘Halloween’ is a Huge Hit


The sequel had the best opening for a slasher movie ever while also breaking another October box office record.

Debbie Harry Videodrome

Stars are Born: Five Great Film Performances by Singers


Not everyone can transition seamlessly between music and film, but these five performances prove that it is more than possible.

Black Panther Use This

‘Black Panther’ and ‘A Star is Born’ Lead Nominees for Hollywood Music in Media Awards


The HMMAs recognize the crucial role of music in movies, television, and video games.

Venom Smile

‘Venom’ Has Legs


Sony’s latest Marvel movie had one of the superhero genre’s best box office holds.

No Featured Image

The Impact of ‘A Star Is Born’ Expands to Other Mediums


Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s soundtrack is expected to surge to the top of the Billboard charts.

A Star Is Born

What Makes ‘A Star Is Born’ a Story Worth Retelling


Watch a video essay that explores this beloved story and its presence in our media landscape.