31 Days of Horror Lists

31 Days of Horror Lists is a yearly celebration of two things we love very much here at FSR: horror movies and making lists.

Every October, a group of contributors who call themselves The Boo Crew take on the challenge of creating 31 fresh list prompts, releasing one every day of the month. The only rule: no repeats, ever.

Explore the 31 Days of Horror Archive Below

Days Of Horror Impactful Characters

10 Most Impactful Horror Characters (With Barely Any Screen Time)


Here for a good spooky time, not a long spooky time.

corporate horror films

10 Most Insidious Horror Films About Evil Corporations


If corporations are people, then these big businesses are way more deadly than any of your favorite horror movie maniacs.

Horror Lists Late Franchise Gems

10 Best Late Franchise Horror Movie Gems


Because sometimes fourth, or fifth, or sixth, or seventh time’s the charm.

Horror Lists Decapitations

10 Gnarliest Horror Movie Decapitations


The horror movie genre offers many grisly delights, but none is as pure and satisfying as the decapitation. We rank the gnarliest actions from the most wicked of movies.

Horror Lists Witch Movies

10 Witch Horror Movies Offering More than Pointy Hats and Broomsticks


These witches are more than a bubbling cauldron; they are downright nasty.

Days Of Horror Shocking Fantasy

10 Moments Where Fantasy Films Felt Like Horror Movies


Sometimes, the dorky genre Venn Diagram is a circle.

best horror Anthology Movies

10 Best Horror Anthology Movies


If you love your horror bite-sized, then these anthology movies are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Horror Lists Werewolf Movies

10 Most Ferociously Fun Werewolf Movies


Werewolf, werewolf, who’s got the best werewolf?

Horror Lists Found Footage

10 Films That Prove Found Footage Horror Can Be Good, Actually


This list will make you fall in love with horror best’s subgenre: found footage.