31 Days of Horror Lists

31 Days of Horror Lists is a yearly celebration of two things we love very much here at FSR: horror movies and making lists.

Every October, a group of contributors who call themselves The Boo Crew take on the challenge of creating 31 fresh list prompts, releasing one every day of the month. The only rule: no repeats, ever.

Explore the 31 Days of Horror Archive Below

one Location Horror

10 Great Single Location Horror Movies


A single location + an ensemble cast + some spooky shit = a horror bottle movie!

Jaws Like Movies

10 Most Entertaining Killer Shark Movies That Aren’t ‘Jaws’


You go in the cage, cage goes in the listicle, you go in the listicle. Shark’s in the listicle, our shark.

Frankenstein Riffs

10 Best Frankenstein Riffs


When you can’t improve perfection, you might as well pervert it.

Coming Of Age Horror

10 Best Coming of Age Horror Movies


Coming-of-age horror movies find an entertaining way to say what we’re all thinking: growing up can be hellish.

French Horror

10 French Extremity Films For Beginners


Hon, hon, hon, want to dabble in French Extremity? Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

Horror In The Woods

10 Great Folk Horror Movies to Watch By Yourself in a Candle-Lit Woodland Cabin


Explore the haunted landscapes of world cinema.

Horror Debuts

10 Great Directorial Debut Horror Films


You never forget your first.

Days Final Shots

31 Best Final Shots in Horror


They might just be the last things you’ll see before you die.


10 Best Horror Movies of 1988


These ten films are all celebrating thirty years of terror!