31 Days of Horror Lists

31 Days of Horror Lists is a yearly celebration of two things we love very much here at FSR: horror movies and making lists.

Every October, a group of contributors who call themselves The Boo Crew take on the challenge of creating 31 fresh list prompts, releasing one every day of the month. The only rule: no repeats, ever.

Explore the 31 Days of Horror Archive Below

Sophomore Horror Movies

10 Fantastic Horror Films That Avoid the Sophomore Slump


You never forget your second.

Rodent Horror Movies

10 Most Ravenously Rodent-Infested Horror Movies


We dig into the wet corners of the horror genre to uncover the best rodent-infested flicks.

Silent Horror Movies

10 Spookiest and Most Terrifying Silent Horror Movies


Ghouls, ghosts, and golems. Silent cinema has got your horror watchlist covered.

Road Trip Horror

10 Terrifying and Twisted Horror Movie Road Trips to Hell


Some horror movies exaggerate real-world terrors for effect, but road trip horror nails the frightening prospect of cramped cars and killers.

Himbos of Horror

10 Hunkiest Himbos of Horror


Horror is full of beautiful dumbasses.

Japanese Horror Movies

10 Best Japanese Horror Movies From the Terrifying to the Weird


From the country that put giant monsters and bendy ghost girls on the map, we recommend these spooktacular treats.

Lucio Fulci Horor Movies

10 Best Lucio Fulci Horror Films


These are the finest fright flicks from the Italian Godfather of Gore that helped earn him the title Master of Horror.

William Castle Movies

10 Best William Castle Movies, and That’s No Gimmick


William Castle was one of Hollywood’s greatest showmen and most influential filmmakers.

Haunted House Movies

10 Spookiest Old Dark Houses We Would Spend A Night Inside


Our latest 31 Days of Horror Lists kicks down the door of cinema’s best old dark houses.