2021 Rewind

Best Comic Books

The 15 Best Comic Books of 2021


We’ve entered a new golden age of comic books, where Dracula, Ed Gein, and a land shark named Jeff compete with the very best superhero stories.

Best Action Movies

The 15 Best Action Movies of 2021


From blockbuster epics to an indie comedy from Japan, these are the best action films of the year.

Best Foreign Language Films

The 15 Best Non-English-Language Films of 2021


From Norway to India to Romania and beyond, Luke Hicks counts down the 15 best non-English language films released in 2021.

Rewind Best Video Essays

The 15 Best Video Essays of 2021


Here’s to another year of being edu-tained.

Rewind Best Movie Trailers

The 15 Best Movie Trailers of 2021


Movie trailers are an art form unto themselves. And we’re nothing if not connoisseurs of art at its finest.