2018 Rewind

At the conclusion of every year, we hit rewind and look back at the best movies, TV shows, performances, moments, and much more in a series of essays and lists published in late December. This is the archive for the 2018 Rewind.

Here are some highlights:

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Rewind New Movie Characters

The Best New Movie Characters of 2018


These characters, all introduced on the big screen for the first time this year, were instantly iconic.

Rewind Crying

2018 Was the Year I Started Crying During Movies


After years of cinematic stoicism, a trio of tearjerkers caused this writer to start crying at the movies (and probably never stop).

Rewind Breakouts

The Best Breakout Performances of 2018


With these actors on the horizon, the future looks very bright indeed.

Rewind Tv Characters

The Best TV Characters of 2018


This year’s best tv characters were weird and funny and unexpected, and they tricked us into being moved in spite of ourselves.

Rewind Villains

The Best Movie Villains of 2018


Who is the greatest villain of 2018?

Rewind Performer

Performer of the Year (2018): Tessa Thompson


Tessa Thompson was everywhere this year and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Rewind Reckoning

How Movies Handled The Social Reckoning of 2018


This year’s films tackled reactions to injustice and moral failing.

Rewind Turned Directors

The Familiar Faces Who Made Waves as Directors in 2018


Directing may be harder than it looks, but these multitaskers made it look easy.

Rewind Memorable Deaths

The Memorable On-Screen Deaths of 2018


It’s been a doozy of a year for dying. Here are the 18 fictional deaths we just can’t shake.