2018 Rewind

At the conclusion of every year, we hit rewind and look back at the best movies, TV shows, performances, moments, and much more in a series of essays and lists published in late December. This is the archive for the 2018 Rewind.

Here are some highlights:

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Best Shows

The 25 Best Shows of 2018


Here’s our definitive ranking of the best the small screen had to offer in 2018.

Rewind Women Led

The Best Women-Led Films of 2018


It was a great year for women and the movies they led.

Bi Representation

The State of Bisexual Representation in Our Pop Culture: 2018 Edition


There are all different manner of representation to be championed. Here’s a little advocacy for the bisexual community.

Rewind Tv Grief

How The Shows of 2018 Reckoned With Grief, And Nailed It


Here’s to the brave shows that dared us to sit with death for longer than a sweeps week.

Rewind Spice

The Spiciest Film Controversies of 2018


From legal battles to nationalistic concerns, misrepresentation to cultural appropriation, resurfacing tweets to Netflix sticking its nose in everything, 2018 has had some peppery problems in the film world.

Rewind Lgbtq Films

The Finest LGBTQ Cinema of 2018


Filmmakers from around the world offered a wide range of queer narratives this year.

Rewind Scifi Fantasy

The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies of 2018


We list the greatest speculative fiction films from this year. We also ranked them.

Rewind Animated Series

The Best Animated Series of 2018


Bringing together animation from all over the world, this list covers the best-animated series 2018 had to offer.

Rewind Close To Home

How The Films of 2018 Hit Close to Home


Family mattered in 2018.