‘Top Gun 3D’ Trailer Teases a Sensitive Gay Romance

Top Gun

Why’s this guy so agressive? Why is he taking pictures while flying that plane upside down? Will he and his partner find love in the blood-sprayed midst of war?

It’s really impressive that studio re-releases are meant for fans, but that there’s also another audience out there that’s never seen the films (no matter how old or iconic) that get a decades-later shot at bringing in money on the big screen. Imagine for a second that you know nothing about Top Gun, and try to picture what it would be like to step into a theater and watch it for the first time 30 years after it’s made its impact. It’s weird, right? Like hearing REM’s “Losing My Religion” in a Major key or putting on a wet swimsuit.

At any rate, Tom Cruise is back from the past to flaunt the authority of the Navy, blow some stuff up, and hopefully get a little romantic payoff for all the chest grease he invested in. The movie is now in IMAX and 3D, which should make for some very special volleyball action and remind everyone of how much we miss Tony Scott.

Check out the new trailer for yourself:

That Goose guy sounds awesome. I hope nothing bad happens to him!

Top Gun is currently available on your VHS shelf and will be in 3D February 8–13th.