Top 5 films Directed by Clint Eastwood

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Mr. Eastwood has starred in many films. He has leveraged his knowlege of film to Direct some great movies. Below is a list of his best Directed films, as ranked by the visitors of RankAMovie. All films on this list have been added, and voted upon, by visitors. Make your opinion heard!

  1. The Bridges of Madison County
    A photographer visits a cute little town to take photos of its bridges. There are emotional challenges and very sensitive moments to both enjoy and comprehend.
  2. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
    A reporter from the northern States ventures into Savannah, Georgia, to write a story. He finds more than he thought he would find.
  3. Unforgiven
    A recently made Western film that pays tribute and expands on concepts covered by the venerable Westerns of the past. The gun shooting and Western depictions bring the audience into the world of a "Western".
  4. Million Dollar Baby
    A waittres is trained by two old boxing experts and becomes one heck of a boxer in and out of the ring.
  5. Mystic River
    A surprising tale of 3 close friends. The story is fascinating, but the insinuations in-between the glances and conversations are amazing.

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