Tony Scott May Ask Vince Vaughn to Channel His Inner Action Star For ‘Lucky Strike’

If you look at Tony Scott’s IMDB page, the first thing you notice is that he has 31 movies listed as being in development. This is a guy who really likes to talk about what he might be doing next, so whenever his name is involved I generally take the news with a grain of salt. Fact is, Scott hasn’t actually sat down and got to work on directing anything since 2010’s Unstoppable, and any talk about him doing Top Gun 2, a Warriors remake, Hell’s Angels, or what ever else, has so far amounted to just that; talk.

With that in mind, Deadline North Shields has their eye on a story that they say seems different from the usual Tony Scott big show and no results. They say that things are heating up around a project called Lucky Strike in a very real way, as Emmett/Furla Films is on board to fund the film’s $80m budget and Vince Vaughn is supposedly attached to star. If Scott signs on officially, the film would look to have a late summer or early fall start date.

Written by Henry Bean, Lucky Strike is an action film about a DEA agent who has to team up with a drug runner in order to take on an entire cartel. That sounds pretty far out of Vaughn’s wheelhouse, and I think he’s a guy whose comedic schtick can get a bit tiresome, so I’d definitely be interested to see what Vince Vaughn: Action Star would look like. Hasn’t he been living in Chicago and getting fat for the past decade or so? It might be time to hit the treadmill, Mr Vaughn. Good luck, and stay away from the deep dish pizza and Italian beefs.

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